Paid Search Engine Marketing, or Pay Per Click (PPC), as it’s more commonly known, is an economical way to increase your sales by focusing on new clients who are already in the process of searching for your products and services.

Creating a successful PPC Campaign with Cherryone Web is Simple! 

Here are our key ingredients for creating a prosperous PPC Campaign:

Keyword Research – An essential component of a successful Pay Per Click campaign is ‘keyword research.’ This involves zeroing in on the keywords that are most appropriate for your company and employing them in a manner which will drive qualified, targeted traffic to your business’s website. We also research terms known as ‘Negative Keywords’, which are keywords and combinations of keywords that you do NOT wish to appear in a search, and employ them to enhance your site’s relevance and improving your Return on Investment.

Strategy – We outline a plan that sets goals for cost-per-acquisition, lead volume, geo-targeting, and establishing the most appropriate and beneficial days and times of day to target your potential customers!

Execution –  Cherryone’s experienced search marketing experts will generate and implement your Pay Per Click campaign, synergizing ad copy/content, keywords, and the landing page of your website to draw the attention of your potential customers!

Analysis – We evaluate the potency of your Pay Per Click campaign by analyzing your site’s visitors and how they use and interact with the site, which gives us the information we’ll need to improve and enhance your campaign to increase conversions for your company’s services, lower the bounce rate (or number of visitors who click away from your site quickly), and improve your Return on Investment.

Optimization – Cherryone’s search marketing team routinely monitor your PPC campaign (or campaigns) and make adjustments to enhance efforts in areas that have proven successful, while redistributing budget away from under-performing phrases and keywords.

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